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May 26, 2007: GURPS Martial Arts Is At The Printer!

After months of meticulous research, thousands of hours of writing, innumerable playtest posts, more thousands of hours of editing, weeks of layout, and a light dusting of art direction, GURPS Martial Arts is now at the printer.

This is a big one, folks. Written by martial arts expert Peter Dell'Orto and GURPS Fourth Edition architect Sean Punch, Martial Arts pushed the covers beyond a normal GURPS book, expanding to 256 pages. Even at the new page count, there's a lot more text than art, making this one of our most substantial tomes in years. If your game includes combat, be it gritty special forces action or way over-the-top wuxia monks, Martial Arts has what you need.

Don't believe me? Check out the Table of Contents and Index, or the Glossary. That's a meaty list of topics! Watch for more upcoming excerpts, with spine-tingling peeks into techniques, weapons, and even ninja!
-- Paul Chapman

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