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May 28, 2021: The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests Coming To Kickstarter


Continuing the line first launched as a part of the Hexagram #6 Kickstarter campaign, this upcoming project is our chance to transport Quick Quest #2 and Quick Quest #3 from the digital world to our physical reality. The two micro-adventures introduced in this new crowdfunding campaign are:

  • Quick Quest 2: A Moveable Feast - Your party is investigating an orcish outpost and encounters two very unusual pets.
  • Quick Quest 3: The Unself King - The Charnel Maiden, the Mother of Despair, and the Drear Crone are all figures of horror. Now they are together, working to unleash something far worse.

In addition to those two adventures, we'll also offer the new Labyrinth Encounter Cards as a part of the new Kickstarter campaign. Please follow the project today to receive email notification when the campaign launches next week.

-- Phil Reed


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