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November 3, 2017: Time For Some Simon's Cat Game Days!


Like a cat that doesn't realize you're not a pillow, Simon's Cat Game Days have arrived to curl up in your lap!

These events will happen during the first few weekends in November. Look below for an event near you to find out when it is!

Each event will feature demos or full games of Simon's Cat Card Game, plus special promo cards – which we here at SJ Games are officially out of, so get them while you can.

The event locations, alphabetically by store:

CCYDNE Hobbies – November 4 
Childs' Play Games and Geekery
– November 5 
Collected TCU
 – November 18
Dragon's Lair Houston – November 18 
Dreams of Conquest – November 17
Fleur Fine Books – November 17
Games of Chance – November 17
Geek Out - November 19 
Gods and Monsters – November 10 
Guardian Games – November 11
Gnome Games Appleton East – November 19
Gnome Games Green Bay East – November 18
Gnome Games Green Bay West – November 17
Imagine! Hobbies and Games – November 4
Nerd Rage – Date TBD
North Coast Roleplaying – November 4  
Rainy Day Games – November 3
Safari Pearl – November 12
Space Cadets Gaming Gaming – November 4
Titan Moon Comics – November 11
Three Suns Unlimited – November 4
Wonko's Toys and Games – November 18 
Zia Comics – November 4  

--Ariel Barkhurst

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