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November 7, 2017: SJ Games Is Attending The Inaugural PAX Unplugged!

PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged is the newest in the amazingly cool series of PAX conventions, and it's right around the corner. Join us at booth #932 November 17-19 in Philadelphia, PA, for the very first PAX convention dedicated to tabletop gaming!

We've got a ton of stuff planned, including tournaments for Zombie Dice, Port Royal, Super Kitty Bug Slap, Ogre Sixth Edition, Munchkin Shakespeare, and the ever-popular Munchcathlon! The prizes at these events are, according to our events coordinator, "illegally high." Which apparently means boxes of themed loot for winners of each event, plus some hyper-exclusive prizes for the winner of the Munchcathlon: the long-out-of-print Munchkin Sweatshirt and the Official Munchkin World NYC Bookmark, both signed by John Kovalic, Steve Jackson, and Andrew Hackard! Plus, we've got a super-early Munchkin Collectible Card Game set, featuring pre-production cards, a starter deck how-to-play on Friday, and an eight-seat draft on Sunday. You can sign up for these events in the Tabletop Tourney section at 10 a.m. the day of the event. Find the full schedule on PAX Unplugged's site. 

Not only that, but we'll have a bevy of upcoming games at the booth, including Super Kitty Bug Slap, the forthcoming Triplanetary, and fully painted samples of Ogre Miniatures Set 1 and the future Set 2! And of course, we'll have swag to hand out. Stock up on some new Munchkin promos - we'll even have a few of the (very limited) Munchkin: Rick and Morty and Munchkin Deadpool bookmarks. But you better get there early; we won't have a lot of the bookmarks. We will have some super-special swag that we'll be announcing soon, so stay tuned! 

We are also proud to announce that this will be our first time participating in a Pinny Arcade Pin Quest, the PAX pin-trading phenomenon! Complete your checklist with a Zombie Dice and Spyke pin at our booth, for $15 each!

Swing by booth #932 for some free stuff and a demo, check out our glass case of awesome stuff, and get our new pins! See you November 17-19! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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