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November 11, 2017: Ogre Steam Codes On Warehouse 23

Ogre Steam

Do you love to blow stuff up in Ogre but want to actually see it happen? Now you can, thanks to Auroch Digital! Our friends have created a faithful digital translation of this game of future tank warfare on Steam, where you can engage in battles between armored hovercraft, superheavy tanks, infantry, and giant cybernetic war machines called "Ogres."

With Ogre on Steam, you get to enjoy the excellent gameplay that made this wargame a classic while taking advantage of features only possible in video games, such as online multiplayer and map sharing. Of course, you still need a free Steam account to play Ogre, and in order to use Steam, you need an Internet connection and a Windows PC.

To make it very convenient for you, we've been able to get some Steam codes that you can purchase while buying other Steve Jackson Games stuff! So head over to Warehouse 23 and get a Steam code before they're gone!

-- Tyeera Garza

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