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November 29, 2014: Zombie Dice Deluxe Running Out!

We've now shipped the last copies of Zombie Dice Deluxe from our primary warehouse in Georgia, meaning that what is out in distributor warehouses and on retailer shelves is all that remains of this edition of the game. At the moment we have no plans to reprint Zombie Dice Deluxe. The Zombie Dice Brain Case is still available, so if you're still looking for a new dice cup you can find that at your favorite local retailer.

And, as always, the Zombie Dice game itself is in stores and ready to help you and your friends to "eat brains, don't get shotgunned." It feels good to finally be ahead of the demand on the game; with any luck we've got our forecasting methods perfected and the days of "Oh no, Zombie Dice is gone again!" are over. (Please let those days be behind us.)

-- Phil Reed

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