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October 2, 2009: The End of the Convention Season?

Ah, we've made it past Labor Day weekend, thereby putting the convention season behind us . . .

Or not, as I look at the calendar. Mark (aka MIB Control) will be seen at Archon this weekend in Illinois. Andrew is making an appearance at RinCon next week. Phil and Will are attending the Diamond Alliance Summit in Baltimore a couple days after that. (If you're an East Coast retailer, go and play Nanuk!) Sean Punch will be speaking at a panel during Draconis. And hey, I'll be flying to Germany for Spiel Essen at the end of the month!

But wait, there's more! We'll be at BoardGameGeekCon in Dallas this November, plus we've got two Game Days scheduled here in the office before the end of the year.

I know we tell everyone that working for a game company isn't just playing games all day. But some days, I can see why they'd think that.

-- Paul Chapman

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