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October 2, 2022: Car Wars Sixth Edition Playmat Pre-Orders Close Tomorrow


If you're a fan of Car Wars Sixth Edition (in stores on October 5th!), then you have one final day to place your pre-order for the new City Block playmats. The BackerKit pre-order page lists the three new playmats, while also giving everyone a chance at other Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats, games, expansions, and accessories.

Warehouse 23 is a small space, so we're unlikely to produce many more playmats than we need to cover the pre-orders. If you're looking to add these new City Block playmats to your collection, we recommend pre-ordering, since there's no guarantee that we will have extra copies for sale after we fulfill the pre-orders. (We're likely to offer another chance to pre-order them in the future; these are not one-and-done releases.)

Visit the preorder page at BackerKit today!

-- Phil Reed


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