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October 15, 2022: Pre-Order These New Holiday Games Today!



Those shipping headaches we mentioned (see this Daily Illuminator post) continue to disrupt our plans. Two of our upcoming games -- The 12 Dice of Christmas and Bad Christmas -- are stuck in the shipping process and we're counting the days until the container lands in the warehouse. 

We've opened both games for pre-orders at Warehouse 23, even though we do not have exact release dates for either one. Our plan is to ship as soon as possible, which should be before December 15, but there is a chance that the shipping delays will force us to mail out pre-orders in January. 

  • 12 Dice of Christmas - The perfect stocking stuffer! 12 Christmas-y dice make for one fast, fun game! You're picking dice to get the right numbers to buy the presents you need for Christmas . . . and keep your friends from getting what THEY want. Easy to learn and quick to play, this will be a holiday favorite for everyone! Also includes a seasonal dice bag and a score pad. Add a pen or pencil and you'll have instant mobile merrymaking! Ho ho ho!
  • Bad Christmas - The Family Game of Awful Presents. There are some strange things in the gift exchange this year. A tuna-flavored candy cane? A wind-up fruitcake? An inflatable birdhouse? They may be horrible . . . but some of them are just what YOU want! Pick your favorites and try to get them as fast as you can, because the game might end at any time . . . What do you want for Christmas?

-- Phil Reed

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