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November 15, 2022: Super Kitty Bug Slap Now Available Via DriveThruCards

Super Kitty Bug Slap

Even amid global uncertainty in distribution and production – and the vagaries of the gaming biz – we've been working to keep games available via a variety of venues in order to increase the chances you can get the ones you want when you want them. Our latest offering is Super Kitty Bug Slap – the fast-paced game of cute cards and quick reactions – now ready to order via DriveThruCards' print-on-demand service.

This isn't identical to the previous version. It doesn't come in commercial packaging (although you can add a clear plastic deckbox). Most importantly, you'll have to download the rules to share with the players. But the cards are what's most important in a card game, and these are now just a click away!

Super Kitty Bug Slap joins the Silicon Valley Tarot in returning to print via the same POD tech – and we're working to see what other classics we can bring back. The future is here, and now it involves kitties, bugs, and slapping!

-- Steven Marsh

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