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November 14, 2022: FnordCon 6 Wrap-Up

FnordCon 6 has ended, and we had an absolute blast playing games, sharing a few secrets, and playtesting. Our Discord was jumping with activity!
We moved the popular "What's New" to Saturday as the close, which garnered some really great feedback. A number of folks on the west coast are still at work at 6pm Central, which meant they could not attend a Friday afternoon session. Fixed!
Derek Pearcy had a big audience for his demo of the new Illuminati game, releasing soon on Steam. Everyone loved the card art, and we even found a couple of little bugs. Soon to be ex-bugs.
We had great panels for The Fantasy Trip and GURPS, as well as Munchkin with Will and Devin. 
And who could pass up the chance to see Jimmie and Hunter go at it in Car Wars Sixth Edition, live-streamed on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook? Not once, but twice in one afternoon. Hunter even (finally) dropped The Slab! We had great attendance for both these as well as Ben's hobby stream, where he painted an Ogre Mark II from the upcoming Ogre Miniatures Set 4.
Our virtual gaming sessions were as poorly attended as at the last two virtual FnordCons, and we've come to the conclusion that not being able to directly schedule links in advance, and share those before the day of the event, is the primary cause. The virtual tabletop applications just don't support that functionality at this point, and telling folks to be ready to play on one outside software or another just isn't the same thing as having a link ready to click in the schedule. We'll continue to look for improvements here, and work with our virtual tabletop partners to get new options for the next FnordCon.
That's it, and remember, the show specials continue on the new Shopify Warehouse 23 store with code . . . use "FnordCon22" at checkout. Plus, you get freebies based on how much you buy. But hurry, the sale ends tonight! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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