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November 12, 2022: Take To The Streets Like It's The Eighties!


Autoduellists, prepare for destruction! Thanks to the success of our Pocket Box Kickstarter campaign a few years ago, we have several classic Car Wars games and expansions available right now at Warehouse 23 and Amazon.com. These are near-exact factory replicas of the originals with an upgraded plastic Pocket Box and, in many instances, die-cut counters. We even included catalogs and marketing inserts in some of the games, making every single one of the titles in the series a time machine of sorts that will take you back to the days when these were new in stores.

In addition to single titles, we also offer four different bundles that give you a discount over buying each item separately. Bundle 1 (W23, Amazon) includes the original Car Wars game and makes a spectacular gift for the gamer in your life who's been playing since the Reagan years!

-- Phil Reed

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