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November 7, 2022: Another Well-Deserved Plug For The Tremendous Tome

Tremendous Tome

The Tremendous Tome project not only made its goal, but hit its first extra-pages stretch goal! If you haven't picked up this book yet, go support it! The $30,000 goal is certainly within reach, and who knows what more could happen?

Here's the Hexscape picture I sent them. We opted for a close shot to show the hexagonal tiles, which are, after all, the whole distinguishing point of the set. And that lets me give credit where credit is due. Crabman and wolves, from the upcoming Fantasy Foes 2 STL set, sculpted by Spyros and painted by Irene Zielinski. Flame constructed by Tom Tullis. Hex columns and tiles conceived by Yr. Humble Servant, and engineered by Jean McGuire with input from many others. The invisible interlocking system, which you cannot see (duh), was designed by Jean as well, and a stroke of genius from Eric Dow really put the cherry on top. You will like it . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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