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November 2, 2022: FnordCon 6 From Your Home

FnordCon 6 is coming, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home! This is an online convention, held mostly on our Discord but slopping over to Twitch and Tabletop Simulator for a few events. Needless to say, everything is free! (In fact, considering that our online dealers and Warehouse 23 have some special convention offers, you could turn a profit on the event.)

Phil and I will do a What's New presentation. Jimmie and Hunter will face off in a Car Wars grudge match. We'll present Will Schoonover's Tabletop Simulator implementation of my upcoming Tabloids game. The con suite will be open the whole time for general chat with a lot of the staff. And there's more; see the schedule.

If you're already on our Discord, you don't have to do anything special – the convention rooms will appear at 5pm Friday when the con starts. If you're not yet on the Discord, you have plenty of time to join and bang around on the interface: the link to join us is https://discord.gg/2zdUmeMkSW. Feel free to share that, of course.

Please come see us. The more, the merrier!

-- Steve Jackson


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