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November 20, 2022: Expanding Our Print-On-Demand Offerings

It is taking some time to work through all of the necessary tasks, but we're slowly building our catalog of print-on-demand books at DrivethruRPG. By adding more print-on-demand books at the site, in addition to the GURPS On Demand titles listed at Amazon, we make it even easier to add print books to your collection. 

Although print-on-demand books may not equal the quality of high-end offset works, the quality is far superior to what we saw in print-on-demand books from a decade or two ago. Today's print-on-demand books are so good that casual book fans cannot tell the difference. That's a huge leap from what we were experimenting with as recently as 2008 and 2009.

We add more print-on-demand books to DrivethruRPG every month or so, and we've even started adding print-on-demand cards to the library (please see this Daily Illuminator post), so please check back a few times each year as we continue to build the DrivethruRPG catalog.

-- Phil Reed

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