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October 20, 2022: Steve Jackson's Munchkin® Presents BATMAN™ Second Printing


The game may have only reached stores within the last month, but we've already sold through the first printing of the retail edition of the game and placed a second printing order with the factory. This does not mean that the game is unavailable; you can find Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman at your favorite local game store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and our online store, Warehouse 23

When we sell out of a game at our primary warehouse, this means that copies are out of our hands, but still available in distributor warehouses and on store shelves. It can take a few weeks, or a few months, for those channels to run dry, so we think we're okay and that the game will remain available through the holiday season. We hope.

Note that this applies only to the retail edition of the game. At the moment, we have a healthy supply of the game's Kickstarter edition, and we're pretty sure that will remain available for several months. Maybe. We hope.

The second printing is expected to ship to distrubutors in early 2023.

-- Phil Reed

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