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October 7, 2022: Autoduel For A Buck!!!


Huge news, gang! The classic Autoduel computer game, first released in 1985, is now available for only a single dollar. This is an archival edition of the game, and it is buggy, but it is official Autoduel and a legal copy of the game you can play today on your Windows 10 or above machine.

We know that many, many of you would like to see an upgraded and expanded edition of the Autoduel video game . . . and while we aren't yet ready with the details, we can say that we're working on things. Steve and I have already sat in on several meetings and had a look at concept art and game screens. We've even been listening to the new soundtrack! The new Autoduel isn't ready, but it is coming. And it is looking incredible.

News to come! While you wait, you can give the classic game a shot for only a buck.

-- Phil Reed

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