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October 22, 2022: GURPS Horror Collection At Bundle Of Holding

GURPS Horror Bundle of Holding

Fans of frights, rejoice! A trove of terrifying treats awaits would-be adventurers, with the GURPS Horror Bundle of Holding. The starter set for GURPS Fourth Edition is $14.95 and includes the beloved (and award-winning) Ken Hite-penned GURPS Horror, five GURPS Creatures of the Night volumes, and the collection of short sinister settings found in GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. If you pay more than the current threshold, you'll also get a batch of GURPS Monster Hunters supplements and other senses-shattering hits.

If you're new to GURPS Fourth Edition, the GURPS 4E Essentials Bundle of Holding has made a triumphant return at the same time, with all the books you need to begin your GURPS journey. Neither bundle will be around for long, so don't delay!

-- Steven Marsh

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