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November 22, 2022: Yes! Car Wars Fiction!

Car Wars

Three Ravens Publishing will create a series of novels in the Car Wars setting, with the first one set to release in early 2023. Three Ravens is the award-winning publisher of the bestselling "It Came from the Trailer Park" anthologies, as well as a variety of fantasy and SF titles.

The initial series will be "The Autoduel Chronicles: Wasteland Runners." A 15-book arc is planned, with novels by William Joseph Roberts, Christopher Woods, Benjamin Tyler Smith, and Marisa Wolf, and side stories by J.F. Posthumus, Philip K. Booker, and others. The authors are now engaged in playing Car Wars, soaking up years of lore from our ADQ and AADA Road Atlas archives, and (as our agents report) giggling madly!

Print books will be available for purchase through Amazon, or can be ordered through your favorite book store or any online book retailer. Ebooks will be available through Kindle Unlimited, and audio through Audible.

I've been planning this with Scott Tackett, lead editor at Three Ravens, since LibertyCon last year. Scott "gets" Car Wars, plays it with his kids, and is serious about adding quality fiction to the Car Wars universe. I'm looking forward to reading it!

More as it happens . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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