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October 5, 2021: Now Available On Demand: GURPS Conan The Wyrmslayer

GURPS Conan the Wyrmslayer

Countless travelers who venture through Snow Devil Pass don't speak ill of their journey . . . but only because they never reach their destination. Who is up to the challenge of this frigid excursion? The mighty Conan, of course!

Available once again as a softcover after decades out of print, GURPS Conan the Wyrmslayer is ready to add to your gaming shelf as part of our beloved On Demand program. Sourced from a scan and digitally cleaned for the best-quality reproduction, this solo adventure joins three other GURPS Basic Set Third Edition products featuring the world's most famous barbarian:

Your roleplaying-game collection hungers for these classic GURPS Conan supplements as you like them . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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