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September 5, 2021: Follow Us On Amazon

As part of our constant battle to make it easier for you to find out about our latest releases, we've improved our Amazon pages so that more and more of our titles feature enhanced information, providing you with more photos and details. 

At Amazon, there are both individual product pages -- games, expansions, books, etc. -- as well as larger category pages. The main landing page includes a small, easy to miss feature that we'd like to point you at today: a follow button. By clicking the button and following Steve Jackson Games on Amazon, you'll receive an occasional email notification when new titles are listed on the site. That's also a great way to know when to check with your local game store for the newest games and expansions, as the local stores receive the new games before Amazon.

The world is busier and noiser than ever, so every tool that helps us to cut through the overwhelming flood of information is a tool that we will promote when possible.

Click here to visit our main page at Amazon . . . and then please click the "follow" button to receive email notifications!

-- Phil Reed

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