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September 28, 2021: Now Available On Demand: GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River

GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River

Following in the footsteps of the popular GURPS Conan, we are proud to announce that GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River is available once again in print, thanks to the On Demand program.

Based on Robert E. Howard's classic story "Beyond the Black River," this adventure is a recreation of the original print volume from 1988, scanned and digitally enhanced for modern print. GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River puts you in the sandals of the world's most famous Hyborian (or any hero you might devise) as he fights against an impossible horde. It's a solo adventure, so you can charge at its challenges with only a copy of the GURPS Basic Set for Third Edition, a pencil, some dice, and your wits.

When the forces of evil ask, "You and what army?" you can politely inform them that Conan is more than up to the task. Add GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River to your library, as you like it . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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