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September 3, 2021: Follow Random Fun Generator 2 Today


When we launched the Random Fun Generator campaign last year, none of us at the office expected to see the project close with close to 4,000 backers. Our book of dice games for families performed far, far better than expected, so we directed Sam and Randy to tackle a new batch of dice games . . . and now Random Fun Generator 2 is in the final stages of checks and almost ready for Kickstarter!

This new book follows the same format as the first, packing over 20 new dice games into a 76-page wire-bound book. This time around, Sam and Randy included a few games that use tracks/boards, and we will post those tracks as PDF downloads if the campaign is successful so that you don't have to lay the book on the table and use it as the rules and board.

The Random Fun Generator 2 campaign is almost complete and ready to go, and you can follow the project today!

As with the previous campaign, project stretch goals are limited to the $35 and higher reward levels, and those rewards are also limited, so you want to be one of the first to hit the Kickstarter page the day the campaign launches so that you have your choice of reward levels. There's even a special Munchkin level that includes new cards, but we're not yet ready to share the details – so please watch the Daily Illuminator for more news!

Please click the "notify me" button on this page to follow the project today!

-- Phil Reed

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