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September 24, 2021: Crowdfunding Focus: Fat Dragon's Shadowgrove With Working Traps!


Here's an especially nice terrain Kickstarter from Fat Dragon Games.

Shadowgrove is a printable project; when you support, you get the STL files to let you create as much terrain as you want. It has two components: very detailed modular forest terrain, with rivers, hills, trees, and much more, and dungeon pieces with working clockwork-mechanism traps. Also floors and doors and so on, of course, but the traps. They are wonderful. You turn a key and out comes a blade, or a saw, or whatever – for real!

The campaign is already well into stretch-goal territory; one of the goals already reached is a really sweet little rotating room.

The models print without supports and are optimized for FDM 3D printers.

Visit and support the campaign here. There's a lot of excellent photography to enjoy. If you have a 3D printer, or plan to get one soon, you want this.

-- Steve Jackson

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