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August 3, 2021: Preorders Open For GURPS PDF Challenge 2021

The recent Kickstarter success of GURPS PDF Challenge 2021 has now entered BackerKit and preorders are open for one week only! Brought to life by thousands of GURPS fans, all 12 PDFs were unlocked and are available on the BackerKit, as well as loads of other dice and accessories. While Kickstarter backers got everything at an absurdly low price, preorders are still available at a screaming deal at half off the total price of all 12 PDFs. We also have the new How To Be A GURPS GM: Combat Encounters and GURPS Boardroom and Curia: The Sospital Group, recently released and ready for your campaigns.


Get your orders in soon, this closes on Monday, August 9! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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