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August 8, 2021: Big Dice Games Purchases Risus RPG Line

The popular Risus RPG system, known for its rules that can fit on one page, has been sold to Big Dice Games. Original designer S. John Ross has carried the torch for his creation, called "The Anything RPG" for 28 years, and wanted to see the game grow even more than he could offer. It's been translated into 18 languages and ran a successful Kickstarter as well. 

Big Dice Games will be completing the existing Kickstarter that successfully funded, and is taking submissions from fans for freelancing opportunities for game writing and "stick figure art." Congratulations to both John and Big Dice Games for the sale, as it seems like it will give an already legendary game a brighter future, all while respecting the game's history. You can find out more about the game and read the official press release at www.risusrpg.com

-- Hunter Shelburne

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