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August 18, 2021: Over 100 GURPS Books Available On Demand!


Thanks to the magic of the 21st century and the internet, we're now better able to keep the GURPS catalog available in print with the GURPS On Demand program. With over 100 books now available through the program, many of you who have been trying to fill those holes in your GURPS library have an easier time than ever to pick up a book or two. While not every published GURPS book is included in GURPS On Demand, we're still adding titles and will do so until we've managed to make every possible GURPS book available through the system.

What is GURPS On Demand? Amazon's global print-on-demand services, combined with their shipping capabilities, make it easier than ever for GURPS players around the world to get printed books quickly and at reasonable prices. Where we once had to print books and ship them across the world, GURPS On Demand offloads the printing/shipping to Amazon and they minimize the cost for gamers by printing as close to the destination address as possible.

Visit our GURPS On Demand page for a list of all 100+ titles that are available right now through this miraculous wonder of 21st century printing science!

-- Phil Reed

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