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August 25, 2021: Ogre Battlefields Restock


For a time, it looked like we were almost completely out of the Ogre Battlefields expansion. This heavy box -- loaded with two double-sided gameboards, several counters, and scenarios for use with the maps and counters -- isn't on our reprint list, so we had thought it was going to be unavailable for quite some time.

But then, thanks to the "magic" of multiple warehouses, we uncovered a pallet of sealed copies of Ogre Battlefields and we're now comfortable the expansion will be available for a little while longer. If you want more content for your Ogre Sixth Edition or Ogre Designer's Edition game, then now is your chance to get a copy of Ogre Battlefields.

You can find Ogre Battlefields at our online store, Warehouse 23, or at Amazon.com (where you can get free U.S. shipping with your Prime account). 

Retailers, you will not find the Ogre Battlefields expansion in your distributor's warehouse. This is one of a number of direct-only titles we have added to our catalog over the last few years. If you would like to add this to your store's shelves, please email retailers@sjgames.com to discuss opening a direct sales account with Steve Jackson Games.

-- Phil Reed

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