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August 28, 2021: Hack & Slash On Boing Boing!

Thank you to Gareth Branwyn for including our Hack & Slash game in the recent article, Getting little kids into tabletop gaming, at the Boing Boing site. Hack & Slash was created as a light, fast-playing filler game for everyone, so seeing the game make its way onto Gareth's list was a surprise and treat: target audience acquired!

Gareth writes:

"This is a great gateway game for fantasy roleplaying or more involved fantasy wargaming. It has many of the trappings of a dungeon delver, with orcs, trolls, dragons, caverns, treasures, and the all-important tavern."

Check out the article today, and then find Hack & Slash at your favorite local* game store! If your local store doesn't stock Hack & Slash, you can find it today at our online store, Warehouse 23, or at the ever-ubiquitous Amazon.

-- Phil Reed

* You don't know your nearest game store? Search our store finder today!

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