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August 31, 2021: Crowdfunding Focus: The Mother Road, Route 66


I saved The Mother Road, Route 66, on Kickstarter earlier this month, promising myself that I would take a closer look at the campaign when I received the 48-hour notice. It turns out I should have looked closer when the project first landed in front of me, because this looks to be a great variant of one of my favorite press-your-luck dice games, Can't Stop (mentioned in the Daily Illuminator way back in 2013, in this post).

The theme of The Mother Road, Route 66 is clearly mid-century Americana, making the game less attractive to those who prefer the abstract, unthemed design of the Can't Stop game, but the game's playmat, car tokens, chunky dice, and visual design mean that might appeal to an entirely different group who would otherwise skip the always-incredible Can't Stop.

The game's funding on Kickstarter, with the project coming to a close later today. Check it out now!

-- Phil Reed


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