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August 11, 2021: Kickstarter Reports, August 2021 Update

Another month behind us, pushing us closer and closer to the end of 2021 and the start of a new year. As crowdfunding becomes a more important part of the overall hobby games market, we keep mixing up our own Kickstarter efforts a bit, splitting our energy between smaller and larger projects. At the moment, we have three open campaigns and one new project that is set to launch next week. Please read on for an overview of our current Kickstarter projects and the status of each.

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Steve Jackson's Munchkin Promo Card and Bookmark Booklets

Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge

  • July 8 to July 19
  • 2,153 backers and on schedule
  • The project is currently in the fulfillment stage, with many project supporters already receiving their PDFs through BackerKit. At the current rate, we expect to complete fulfillment ahead of schedule.

The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests 2 and 3, Two New Adventures

  • June 1 to June 6
  • 587 backers and kinda on schedule
  • We're using a new U.S. printer for the Labyrinth Encounter Cards and that is taking longer than expected. We're on schedule at this exact moment, but we now expect to deliver in September instead of the original estimate of August. A minor delay, but still a delay.

Car Wars Sixth Edition by Steve Jackson Games

  • November 29 (2019) to January 6 (2020)
  • 3,936 backers, behind schedule
  • All containers are on the water and making their way to the primary warehouse.

We have several more games and expansions planned for crowdfunding, and a part of our time is juggling those upcoming projects and trying to best fit them into our schedule. Every now and then, we decide to change things up a bit and experiment with a different platform . . . and we plan to do exactly that with the Dungeon Fantasy Companion 3 book that is going straight into pre-order in the near future. Please watch the Daily Illuminator for news of that new GURPS book, and join our mailing list to receive news directly in your inbox.

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-- Phil Reed

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