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August 22, 2021: Manufacturing Delays


In addition to freight troubles (see this Daily Illuminator post), game publishers are also facing manufacturing delays related to the global pandemic. By way of example, we have an upcoming new game that Steve designed that has been in manufacturing since the start of this year. Only now, eight months later, are we getting to the point where the game can move from manufacturing to the long journey across the ocean to our primary warehouse. 

And this is not a game with a lot of parts.

One Roll Quest (not yet announced, so you're not reading this now), is a light dice game that gives you the chance to play an entire adventure with a single roll of the die. It's a filler title, intended to hit the table before everyone has arrived for game night, and everything regarding this game demonstrates how the global pandemic has impacted making games. We playtested this well over a year ago, with the game moving from playtest to the art and production process in March of 2020. 

In addition to highlighting the struggle many publishers are facing while dealing with the ramifications of the pandemic, One Roll Quest also illustrates a shift in the distribution of some games. One Roll Quest is a direct-only release, and will be available on Warehouse 23 once we receive the shipment. The game is not currently scheduled for a wide release, but will be joining Gelatinous, many releases for The Fantasy Trip, and the majority of the Pocket Box games in our direct-only catalog. 

At the current rate, we should see One Roll Quest in Warehouse 23 before the end of the year. Maybe. With freight issues the way there are, it is possible the game slides into 2022. All we can do is adapt to an ever-shifting environment and do our best to keep our heads above water.

-- Phil Reed

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