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August 24, 2021: What To Reprint

Out of Print. This is one of the most frustrating phrases a board gamer can hear! Whether you've just played a game you've never heard of at a convention, or a member of your gaming group has brought out an old favorite, finding out that it's out of print can be very upsetting.
Without getting too deep into the minutiae of the boardgaming industry, figuring out how many of a game to print is hard. If you order too few, fans will miss out. And ordering another print run is risky; demand might have disappeared by the time the reprint arrives. But if you order too many, you risk actually losing money on a title. (Plus, you then need somewhere to store all those copies!)
Often, it doesn't make financial sense to keep a game in print if the demand just isn't there. Most companies move on to newer, shinier games – revisiting old games only when enough time has passed (or an interesting reason, like a license or anniversary, comes around).
Sometimes, however, there's proof of enough demand to do another printing of a long out-of-print game. With that in mind, are there any Steve Jackson titles, game or accessory-wise, that you would like to see return for another printing? Let us know in the forums!

-- Devin Lewis

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