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October 1, 2022:
Our family-friendly game of dungeon adventures, Hack & Slash, has performed well enough that the game is currently on a second printing . . . and we're finalizing work on the game's first expansion. Designed by Will Schoonover, the new Whack & Stash tuckbox expansion adds 11 new quest cards to the game and introduces a new card type: treasures! . . . read article

October 2, 2022:
If you're a fan of Car Wars Sixth Edition (in stores on October 5th!), then you have one final day to place your pre-order for the new City Block playmats. The BackerKit pre-order page lists the three new playmats, while also giving everyone a chance at other Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats, games, expansions, and accessories . . . read article

October 3, 2022:
We're all in, and Roll The Deck! is about to shuffle off Kickstarter! The support for this book of games that work with our Pick a Card Dice has been excellent . . . read article

October 4, 2022:
There's a slight chill in the air, even here in Austin, which means it's time for Halloween! This month, Warehouse 23 is the home for your spooky shopping, and we've got even spookier savings during our Halloween Sale . . . read article

October 5, 2022:
This is it, gang! After years of hard work and the support and patience of thousands of Kickstarter backers, we can officially report that Car Wars Sixth Edition reaches store shelves today! . . . read article

October 6, 2022:
We've officially entered spooky season, so all you ghouls and ghosts should be getting your costumes ready! And if you're already dressing up, why not make it Munchkin-themed and enter our Munchkin Cosplay Contest? . . . read article

October 7, 2022:
Huge news, gang! The classic Autoduel computer game, first released in 1985, is now available for only a single dollar . . . read article

October 8, 2022:
If you can read this message, then it may not be too late to save humanity from the unfathomable forces that would bend reality! GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier – the beloved campaign setting for GURPS Horror from the inimitable Kenneth Hite – is available in print just in time for the horrific holiday season, thanks to the frightfully popular On Demand program! In this campaign, the heroes are members of Project SANDMAN and part of the unending fight to keep irruptors – servants of the godlike Anunnakku – from conquering our reality . . . read article

October 9, 2022:
Garry Snow of Dieku Games sat down with Steve and talked shop in a great podcast interview that covered many bases, including The Fantasy Trip and GURPS, games like Munchkin and Car Wars, and much more. It's fascinating hearing about the early days of design in Steve's college days, zine editing, and how that led to game editing and development work . . . read article

October 10, 2022:
We've been in the laboratory crafting new dice, and we're happy to say . . . they're ALIVE!!! Sorry, it got a little Frankenstein-y in here . . . read article

October 11, 2022:
We've recently added a new social media outlet to our roster: TikTok! (It's not totally new, of course, but we haven't had the opportunity to really utilize it until now.) . . . read article

October 12, 2022:
For those who think the world has returned to normal, the truth is that the state of many things on the planet is still terrible. As an example, the container we mentioned recently (see this Daily Illuminator post) is suffering from shipping troubles . . . and we may miss our window of time to ship new games to stores before the holidays . . . read article

October 13, 2022:
You're familiar with the GURPS On Demand series, yes? This is our print-on-demand program where we've released over 100 different GURPS books as print-on-demand titles, making it easier than ever to fill those pesky holes in your roleplaying-game library . . . read article

October 14, 2022:
There's been a cryptid sighting! The elusive goat-sucker from the south is back after a long hiatus . . . read article

October 15, 2022:
Those shipping headaches we mentioned (see this Daily Illuminator post) continue to disrupt our plans. Two of our upcoming games -- The 12 Dice of Christmas and Bad Christmas -- are stuck in the shipping process and we're counting the days until the container lands in the warehouse.  We've opened both games for pre-orders at Warehouse 23, even though we do not have exact release dates for either one . . . read article

October 16, 2022:
We post to the Daily Illuminator every day, and have for over two decades . . . but we know you can't always make a visit to sjgames.com a part of your routine. Fortunately, in today's world, there are other ways to keep in touch with us and stay up to date on our latest projects . . . read article

October 17, 2022:
After a successful August (several projects were officially closed), we're focusing on a few smaller crowdfunding campaigns before we tackle something a tad bigger. What's the next big project? . . . read article

October 18, 2022:
When we released the Bullet Dice set in early 2019, we hoped that dice collectors and gamers would enjoy the design as much as we do. Considering that we have sold through two printings – and sold thousands of copies of the Z-Shot game (that includes a dozen of the dice!) – we feel confident that these dice have found their audience and that many of you do enjoy the design . . . read article

October 19, 2022:
The reinforcements have arrived for your next autoduel! Add some new vehicles to your games of Car Wars Sixth Edition with Car Wars Miniatures Set 1 and Set 2, arriving in local game stores now . . . read article

October 20, 2022:
The game may have only reached stores within the last month, but we've already sold through the first printing of the retail edition of the game and placed a second printing order with the factory. This does not mean that the game is unavailable; you can find Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman at your favorite local game store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and our online store, Warehouse 23.  When we sell out of a game at our primary warehouse, this means that copies are out of our hands, but still available in distributor warehouses and on store shelves . . . read article

October 21, 2022:
Next month, on November 11 and 12, we'll host our next virtual FnordCon . . . and you're invited! We run the online events on our Discord Server and for the show, we plan to host chats with creators, run a "what's new" session, and generally hang out and have a blast . . . read article

October 22, 2022:
Fans of frights, rejoice! A trove of terrifying treats awaits would-be adventurers, with the GURPS Horror Bundle of Holding . . . read article

October 23, 2022:
James Eisert, who has written (among other things) for Hexagram, has created a whole hundred-page solo adventure and posted it for you to enjoy. It's right here . . . read article

October 24, 2022:
Our Kickstarter campaign for Roll the Deck!, a book of dice and card games designed for use with Steve's Pick A Card Dice set, successfully funded earlier this month and the new book is now at print. For those of you who missed the Kickstarter project, we've opened BackerKit preorders where you can grab both the dice set and the book all at the same time . . . read article

October 25, 2022:
We're just days away from Halloween! Many prepare for the big day by watching scary movies and stocking the treat bowl, but there's another thing you need to get ready: games! . . . read article

October 26, 2022:
Like the chilly winds of fall, Halloween is swiftly approaching, and with it the end of our Munchkin Cosplay Contest! We've had a lot of great entries, but there's still time to submit your own . . . read article

October 27, 2022:
A thing that I really like about conventions, especially the big shows, is seeing the display dungeons. You know the type I mean . . . somebody with huge craft talent has spent hundreds of hours building a three-dimensional space, and brings it to be marveled at . . . read article

October 28, 2022:
The forces of evil will never know what hit them! (Spoiler alert: It's your heroes . . . with a baseball bat, sword, or other weapon of choice.) . . . read article

October 29, 2022:
Those shipping headaches we mentioned (see this Daily Illuminator post) that delayed two of our upcoming games -- The 12 Dice of Christmas and Bad Christmas -- have been resolved! Both games are now in our primary warehouse and scheduled to ship to distributors ASAP . . . read article

October 30, 2022:
The horror anthology It Came From The Trailer Park made a gleefully gory splash last October. Now there's a second volume, right in time for Halloween reading . . . read article

October 31, 2022:
Happy Halloween, everyone! We've got quite a treat for Munchkin fans this year, a mini-expansion focused on your favorite potion mixers: witches! Munchkin Witches is featured as part of the Witchstarter event running on Kickstarter, a perfect match for this spooky release.    This is an expansion for regular fantasy Munchkin, but as with any expansion, you can mix it with whatever set you want . . . read article

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