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October 26, 2009: Not Really "New" Any More

Pyramid #3/12

With the release of Pyramid #3/12: Tech and Toys, I think I can safely stop referring to the "new" version of Pyramid as "the new version of Pyramid." It's a year old, so it gets to be just Pyramid, now.

What's in this issue of Just Pyramid? Tech, for starters! Our contributors have put together a whole mess of cool toys for you to dangle in front of your players. (Only to then cruelly pull them away for "game balance." Ah hah hah hah hah!) I would describe a few, but that would give away too much, and then I wouldn't be able to sell you the PDF. Then people around here would start yelling at me, and bullets would start flying . . . look, it just wouldn't be pretty. So trust me when I say this issue has "cool things" without getting any more specific than that.

Now that we've created the Third Age of Pyramid, it's time to start looking forward to what future incarnations will bring. Me? I'm hoping for genetically engineered parrots that recite the entire issue at your whim.

-- Fox Barrett

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