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September 26, 2009: Forum Fix-Up!

If you're like most users of our forums, you didn't notice the changes last week. Don't worry -- that means we did it right!

Fox noted, some time ago, that we simply had too many sub-forums. Some consolidation was in order. Boards with minimal traffic were folded into more broad categories, and the mandate of a few boards was expanded. A couple of boards were re-named for greater clarity, as well.

All told, the goal was to make the forums easier to use, with less clutter. I think, given the feedback, we've accomplished that.

And if you're not a member of our forums, why not? There is simply no better place to get answers to questions on your favorite Steve Jackson Games release, or to meet other fans. Creating an account is about as easy as we can make it these days (and not be flooded by spammers).

-- Paul Chapman

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