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September 21, 2009: I Ramble, But the Magazine Is Really Quite Good

Pyramid #3/11: Cinematic Locations is using the word "cinematic" in the sense that the locations included in this issue are stylistically similar to what one might find on the silver screen. It is not, in fact, a list of places for you to shoot your movie. I would like to apologize for any confusion that aspiring filmmakers might have over this. I would also like to make sure that they understand that, as a gaming magazine, Pyramid probably isn't the going to help them much in their film careers. We certainly wouldn't mind if you purchased a copy, of course. In fact, we'd be thrilled. We like money. It makes our light switches work.

However! You gamer folk? This thing is perfect for you guys. There's all kinds of maps and descriptions and rules and . . . y'know, gamery stuff that gamers like. You absolutely should buy a copy, because it will help you. Unless you're running some kind of experimental avant garde RPG that takes place entirely within the confines of a 10' by 10' room, I suppose. The magazine won't really help you much, then. But that's hardly our fault, right? What are you doing running such a weird game?

I seem to have lost track of the message here. Go buy a magazine. It will make you happy, guaranteed. (Note: happiness not actually guaranteed.)

-- Fox Barrett

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