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September 9, 2009: Frag In Flash

Frag flash game

The little “shooter” game on the Frag page has been replaced by a much, much cooler little shooter game, created in Flash by Marc Beaudette and Matt Doughty, with a music loop by Rob Carmichael. Can you frag every enemy that pops up (but not your buddies!) before they frag you?

This doesn’t have 40 hours of play in it . . . probably not more than 40 minutes, at least not in any one month . . . because once you learn each level it becomes much easier to beat. But isn’t it a treat for the eye and ear, assuming you like gunshots and blood splatters?

Comments are welcome in this forum thread. Because it’s a free feature, we’re not going to keep enhancing it until it’s the next Halo. But we might, you know, jazz it up a bit from time to time. And we’re likely to show you some other bits of Flash entertainment, too, because (a) we really liked working with Marc and Matt, and (b) we’re buying a copy of the Flash tools that we can play with ourselves.

Gratuitous plug for our own stuff: Apparently not everybody realizes that the new Frag Gold edition is massively upgraded from the original, with a BIG mounted gameboard and plastic playing pieces. It’s just as beautiful as the Flash game. But you’ll have to provide your own gunshot noises. You can handle that, or just listen in when I play.

Gratuitous plug for someone else: Matt is the madman behind Onell Design, which publishes the very stylish "Glyos" line of art toys/action figures/interplanetary butt-kickers. Here is Passcode, a Flash game he and Marc did featuring the Glyos characters. We saw this and said “We like it.” The rest is history.

-- Steve Jackson

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