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September 7, 2009: Labor Day Munchkinry!

Munchkin mascot

It's Labor Day here in the States, which means most businesses, including the Steve Jackson Games office and Warehouse 23 are closed. e23's customer service is off as well, but that shouldn't stop you from ordering Action 3: Furious Fists, or whatever you desire; payment transactions are all handled by spritely electrons, who have no need for holidays.

Similarly, the Munchkin mascot will be making an appearance today at Games & Gizmos, in Redmond Washington. Come on down around 6pm to get a photo with the big huggable guy, play some Revolution! or Nanuk, or just chat with us. We'll be in a bit of a post-PAX daze, but still happy to answer questions or help with strategy.

-- Paul Chapman

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