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September 14, 2009: Cock The Hammer, It's Time For Action

As much as I enjoy high-minded discourse on the subtleties and complexities of life in the cosmos, I really enjoy watching two disgustingly well-armed individuals fill the air with screaming metal as they try to resolve their differences. A lot. One might even say too much. Perhaps this speaks of a deep-seated, unsettling, and ultimately self-destructive psychosis. Or maybe it just means that guns are really cool! Our latest release seems to indicate that GURPS, at least, agrees with the later of these options.

GURPS Gun Fu is so over-the-top that it takes the action genre, pushes it up the mountain, off the cliff, and back up another mountain. Here shall you find your Equilibrium-style hurricanes of bullets, your Rambo-style "I can fire fully automatic machine guns from the hip" antics, and your Desperado-style weapons stashed away in the darnedest places. Guns, is what I'm tryin' to say, here. Guns and the impossibly stylish people that shoot them.

And remember, you neededn't sacrifice characterization, plot, or depth simply because you're participating in an orgy of violence. At some point, everyone will run out of bullets. You'll have at least 4 seconds to say something clever before the gunfire starts up and the techno music kicks back in.

-- Fox Barrett

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