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September 10, 2009: "Does Your Fantasy Involve A Dungeon?"

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1 cover

When I told my shrink, "Yes, but not that kind of dungeon  and not that kind of fantasy!", I found myself answering questions about the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series. Or was that a thread over on our forums? Either way, there have been a lot of questions about this series. It's clearly popular, so we fully intend to support it. I've spent a great deal of time reviewing outlines and drafts for upcoming volumes, including:

  • Taverns, by Loren K. Wiseman and Jason "PK" Levine. Originally a generic guide to fantasy taverns by Loren, but then we realized that every good dungeon adventure starts in a tavern, so we moved it to the DF series and asked Jason to add crunch. Expect rules for tavern tales, busking, bar fights, and fantasy beverages, plus four fully described establishments. In final draft, awaiting floor plans.
  • Clerics, by Phil Masters. Tired of Vague Vicars of either Good or Evil? Believe that your priest of Agni (or Loki) should be able to burn sinners? Phil gives the cleric-with-a-cause everything he needs  specialized spells, tailored training, and interesting items. Playtested, on its way to final draft.
  • Treasure Tables, by Matt Riggsby. What's a dungeon without piles upon piles of loot? Nothing! Matt saves us from oblivion by providing loads of old-school, table-generated treasures: clothing, incense, ornate weapons, precious metals . . . everything. In playtest.
  • Summoners, by Phil Masters. There are gaps between the "science" of wizards and the faith of clerics. Those are where spirits live, including totems, elementals, ghosts, and demons. Phil brings you four new spellcasters who dabble where they probably shouldn't. In first draft, awaiting playtest.

In the meantime, check out the six existing volumes: Adventurers (character creation manual), Dungeons (GM's guide), The Next Level (nonhumans and character advancement), Sages (two new character types), and 40 Artifacts (high-powered items) all by Yours Truly  and Allies (familiars and servitor beings), by Jason "PK" Levine. Happy hacking!

-- Sean Punch

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