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September 2, 2020: Random Fun Generator Coming To Kickstarter In October


Designed by Samuel Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, the Random Fun Generator is a book collecting over twenty new dice games that -- we know from experience! -- may be played through video chat. How do we know this? The entire project was conceived, designed, and playtested through video chat earlier this year when many of us at the Steve Jackson Games office transitioned to a work-from-home routine.

Each game in the book uses several standard six-sided dice, and a few of the games lend themselves to being played with some of the custom dice that we have produced over the years. Intended for children from 10 to 100, the Random Fun Generator is perfect for families, dice fans, and gamers of all ages.

We're now moving into the project's final stages and have one question left to answer: Is there enough interest in the Random Fun Generator to justify moving the project from the review stage into printing? We'll find the answer to that question next month, when we launch the Random Fun Generator book of dice games on Kickstarter. Please click the green "notify me" button on this page to follow the upcoming campaign and join in on Day One! 

-- Phil Reed


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