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September 12, 2020: Zombie Hyperdrive

As I work (so long as I'm not on calls), I keep instrumental music running at almost all times. Whether playing through headphones, the computer, the network of five Echo speakers that fill the house, or a turntable that sits a few feet from me at home, a steady stream of background music is an important part of my work process. Back in the ancient days, when we would work in a place that the pre-pandemic society called "an office," I used a pair of bone conduction headphones to keep music playing at a low volume, which allowed me to both hear music at all times and listen to the office life around me. (Of course, I wouldn't wear the headphones in meetings, that would be rude.)

One of my go-to bands over the last couple of months has been Zombie Hyperdrive, a synthwave group out of Germany that only has a few albums, each one of which is well worth a listen. If you try only one of their albums, I recommend Hyperion. The following track, "Monolith," is from that album and is available now at Bandcamp


-- Phil Reed

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