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September 24, 2020: A Sample Container

We ship several containers each year, moving completed games from the GPI factories in China to our primary warehouse, the PSI offices in Georgia. Each time, we juggle the container load to bring in a mix of completely new titles and necessary reprints, all in an attempt to keep our inventory levels right-sized and appropriate to our immediate needs.

A few weeks ago, another container left and is now on the ocean and making its way to the PSI warehouse. What's on that latest container? Let's take a look!

As you can see, the majority of the container is loaded with our top sellers, those games and expansions that sell every single month and are vital to keeping our doors open. There are usually more completely new titles on a container, but as we mentioned last month (Daily Illuminator post here), we're concentrating on keeping those evergreen titles in-stock and ready for distributors and retailers. Those top-selling games are, as mentioned, vital to our operations and we would rather delay new releases than jeopardize the games and expansions that sell best.

Unfortunately, shipments are slower than ever, and even though the container shipped in August, it will not reach the PSI warehouse until mid-October. That's just one more impact that the global pandemic has had on our business, and one more complication that we have to deal with every day. Fortunately, we have an excellent team managing the containers -- Lisa, in our business office and Erin, at GPI, have our shipments under control -- so our supply of our best-selling games and expansions is as steady and reliable as we can hope for during 2020.

-- Phil Reed

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