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September 27, 2020: New Pocket Box Titles In The Works


As a part of preparing for FnordCon next month (a free online event; info here!), we have been reviewing the existing Pocket Box inventory and determining exactly which of the existing Pocket Box games and accessories we can open for sale on Warehouse 23. Car Wars. Ogre. Illuminati. We don't have an exact list ready yet, but we will be set the Friday before FnordCon and list what we can on Warehouse 23.

In addition to reviewing existing inventory numbers and determining what we can open for sale, our team is also at work on a new round of Pocket Box titles. We're not yet ready to go into the specifics of what to expect from a new crowdfunding campaign, but we can confirm that one of the releases will be a Pocket Box edition of Ogre Battlefields. For those of you who enjoy the retro-style edition of Ogre, this will make an excellent addition to your library of Ogre games and expansions.

When will we have more news on the upcoming Pocket Box project? We're not 100% sure, but we do suggest that you join us for FnordCon next month since we just might have a little more info during our online convention.

-- Phil Reed

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