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September 8, 2019: The Book Of Unusual Potions Now On Kickstarter


As part of my endless quest to avoid taking a break, I've launched a personal project on Kickstarter that transports several wicked potion ideas from my imagination to your fantasy campaign. A systemless book, this work focuses on the broad overview and concepts of different potions; it is intended as inspiration that GMs can expand on and adapt to their favorite game system.

Those of you who enjoy The Fantasy Trip and the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game may find ideas within The Book of Unusual Potions that you wish to adapt to your campaigns. And at only $3 for the PDF, it's a fantastic price to get your hands on both new potion concepts and some twists on old favorites.

Please join in The Book of Unusual Potions today on Kickstarter and help unlock stretch goals to add even more potions to the book!

-- Phil Reed

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