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September 24, 2019: Deadly Doodles 2 Now On Kickstarter!


We're expanding the Deadly Doodles game with three more dungeons . . . and maybe more if the stretch goals are unlocked! Our top game at Gen Con, Deadly Doodles is a draw 'n' draw game where you and your friends enter the dungeon in search of loot. Watch out for the monsters, though, and don't wander into a trap or your score will suffer. The game is great for kids and adults, and the one request we've heard each time we've taught the game is: "Can we have more maps?"

Yes! In Deadly Doodles 2, we return to the dungeon in search of loot, skulls, gems, and more! This new Kickstarter campaign is open until October 11, and we're offering several fantastic add-on items for fans of Katie Cook's adorable art, as well as any dice fans in the audience.

Check out the campaign page today, and join in Deadly Doodles 2 to help us make the expansion as big as it can be!

-- Phil Reed


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