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September 23, 2019: Munchkin Musings: September 2019

It's Yammerin' Time!

Hello, Munchkin fans!

I apologize for not having a Munchkin Musings in August. I was out of the office, off and on, for a good bit of the month, and it just got away from me.

Kickstarter, Kickstarter, Rah Rah Rah!

If you've been following the Daily Illuminator and Munchkin News, our social media channels, or our updates on Kickstarter (check out both accounts), you have a good idea why – August was busy! We had a very successful Gen Con, with thousands of people stopping by our booth to try our games and spend a few bucks. As soon as we got home, we worked to get some new Munchkin items to print and prepare for the Munchkin Pathfinder 3 Kickstarter. (Don't forget that you only have until September 30 to preorder Pathfinder 3 if you missed the Kickstarter! You'll also receive the Kill-O-Meter and Goblin Dice, as well as any add-ons you choose to, um, add on.)

We've also been working hard to close out fulfillment on Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius. All of our U.S. backers should have their copies by now, and we're doing everything we can to make sure international backers are getting theirs in a timely fashion. There was a glitch in the addresses that has delayed things but we think we have all that sorted.

We've also received copies of the mini-expansions from another recent Kickstarter (Munchkin Cthulhu: Sanity Check, Munchkin Zombies: Grave Mistakes, and Star Munchkin: Landing Party) and expect to be sending those to our patient backers very soon.

Munchkin Warhammer Updates

The response to Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 has been amazing! We've already had to go back for a couple of reprints of the core game, plus second printings of both expansions, Faith and Firepower and Savagery and Sorcery. And with Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar hitting our main distribution center very soon, we are definitely not slowing down! Look for two expansions for that game (Death and Destruction and Chaos and Order) coming in 2020, plus a set of Lightning Dice and a Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar Kill-O-Meter, both with new cards.

There is lots of lore still available to Munchkin-ify for both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, so if these continue to sell well, who knows what might happen? Let us know in the forums what else you'd like to see for either setting!

Quacked Quest!

In case you missed the hottest Munchkin news to race around the interwaves, our friends as Asmodée Digital announced that their real-time monster-whacking game, Munchkin Quacked Quest, will be out very soon for a whole bunch of platforms. Check out the trailer here!

Coming Soon

Next month, we'll have a Kickstarter for a new Munchkin expansion that is really cute. I'm excited to share it with you! Make sure to follow both the SJ Games and Warehouse 23 Kickstarter accounts to stay up-to-date on all of our crowdfunding efforts. We'll also be fulfilling the Munchkin Pathfinder 3 campaign later this year . . . if you missed it last month, you've still got a little time to preorder this expansion and get the Kill-O-Meter and Goblin Dice add-ons.

On the non-Kickstarter side, we'll be shipping Munchkin Mighty Monsters next month, too. This quick card game is perfect when you don't have enough time (or patience) for a Munchkin game but you want to do something. Once you start playing, you may not want to stop!

-- Andrew Hackard

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