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September 13, 2004: Missing Persons

Sometimes, try as we might, we lose track of people. And when that happens, we've found, you folks can be a big help. If you know anybody on the list below, please let them know that we're looking for them. Or just send us the contact information!

First: Jeff Mallett, of Zillions of Games / Dark Mirror Games. We saw a rather spiffy proposal from him for a computer version of Knightmare Chess . . . but it's been a couple of months since his phone was answered by anything but a recording, and e-mails are falling into a well of silence. This is especially frustrating when the message I'm trying to deliver is "We like it. What do we do now?" If Jeff yet lives, we'd sure like to hear from him.

There are also several missing persons on our royalty recipients list. There are now hundreds of people on this list, and keeping it updated is a chore. We owe money to some of these folks right now, and expect to owe money (or at least a report) to them all before long. Mail to them has been returned, leading us to suspect that we missed, or mis-entered, an address change.

  • W. Peter Miller
  • Isaac Bonewits, author of Authentic Thaumaturgy
  • Gary Makin, in Australia
  • James Hurst
  • Dr. Gregory Rose
  • Holly Langland, for the Nigel Findley estate
-- Steve Jackson

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