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September 22, 2004: The Lead Llama Speaks!

Jim Doherty, owner of Eight Foot Llama, the small press card/boardgame publisher that brought you Who Stole Ed's Pants?, Monkeys on the Moon, and The Penguin Ultimatum, will be stopping by Pyramid's Chat Auditorium this Friday! He'll answer questions about breaking into the boardgame business, his upcoming game The Nacho Incident, and where he gets those awesome names. (Walla Walla, Washington, perhaps?)

Stop by Pyramid Friday September 24 at 7pm Central (8pm for you East Coasters) and pick the brain behind the Llama.

Pyramid is our online zine, featuring Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmission, weekly comics (including John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Murphy's Rules, drawn by Greg Hyland), and reviews from every area of gaming. Click here to subscribe!

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